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Audio Crush

90's r&b music is playing from speakers. The music is coming from Maurice's place. He rents space at the local swap meet selling car audio speakers. His only employee and cousin is Sharon. They're both on their cellphones, browsing social media because it's a slow day. Sharon says, "Why don't you play electronic music in here sometimes? Change it up a little bit." Maurice says, "Because you’re the only person who listens to that shit Sharon. Get back to work." Sharon says, "What work? Nobody is in here!" Sharon starts laughing. Maurice goes back to browsing Instagram.

Sharon says, "What are you doing? Are you stalking Patricia's page again? I thought ya'll broke up? Maurice says, "Me and Patricia are separated." Sharon says, "Married people separate. Ya'll are not married goofy." Maurice says, "Why did I hire you?" Patricia laughs and says, "Because I'm spectacular!" An alarm goes off on Maurice's cellphone. Maurice says, "It's 1:30." He then sets his chair to face the jewelry spot. A few moments later, a beautiful woman walks to the front of the jewelry place, sets her belongings down, and relieves the person who's currently at the cash register. As Maurice is staring at her, Sharon says, "Boy, did you set an alarm for the start of that girl's shift?" Maurice says, "Don't worry about what I do." Sharon says, "You've been looking at her for a few weeks. Go talk to her. If she turns you down, keep playing this old ass r&b music. If she gives you her number, then we play the music 'I' like for the rest of the day.

Now go talk to her, with your 'already have a girlfriend' lookin ass." Maurice says, "Separated!" Maurice grabs a small Bluetooth speaker to give her. Sharon says, "You're gonna give her a damn speaker? Dude, I'd rather you give her some flowers from 7-11." Maurice says, "Damn Sharon! What are you? My dating coach?" Sharon says, "Yes, fool!" Maurice shakes his head and walks over to the jewelry spot. He introduces himself to the woman, and they start making small talk. Sharon is watching from a distance. She can't hear what they are saying, but it looks like the conversation is going good so far. She sees him give her the bluetooth speaker. Sharon laughs to herself and says, "Oh my god, dude."

The woman is laughing at one of Maurice's jokes. Sharon says, "Aw shit. We getting somewhere." After a short while, Maurice's facial expressions change. He's looking a little nervous. Sharon says, "Yeah. She shut him down." Maurice starts to walk back to his store. He doesn't look too happy. He sits down without saying a word. Sharon says, "You struck out, huh?" Maurice says, "She knows Patricia. They're not friends. But they both have a class together at the university." Sharon says, "Oh damn. Well, what happened?" Maurice doesn't respond. He goes on his phone, pulls up the app that controls the music in his store, and starts playing electronic music.

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