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Little Man

A 10 year old boy is practicing kicks in his karate class. Devin is watching him. He is smiling and feels a great sense of pride. The little boy is gradually getting better. As the boy is practicing, he looks over to see Devin smiling at him. He then rolls his eyes at Devin and turns away, shaking his head. Devin's smile melts off of his face. The little boy is his girlfriend's son. After only six months of dating, the boy is still not convinced that Devin is a good choice for his mom. Despite a hefty dose of support and respect, the boy is not phased by Devin's constant efforts to solidify a father-stepson relationship. The boy's mother comes back from the restroom and says, "What did I miss?" Devin says, "A little girl kept calling her mom by her first name.

That was hilarious. But your son is doing great!" She says, "Nice! And practice is almost over. Do you guys know what you want for dinner?" Devin says, "Whatever your son wants is fine with me." After karate practice was over, Devin's girlfriend grabs her son's belongings, and they all get in the car to head home. Devin doesn't live with them, but he plans on moving them into his home if everything goes according to plan. After they grab dinner and head back to his girlfriend's house, they all start enjoying their dinner. The girlfriend says to her son, "Honey aren't you glad Devin came to your karate practice with us? He said you are doing great! The boy says, "Yes, thank you Devin. I really appreciate you supporting me. And I'm glad you and my mom are together." The mother puts one hand over her heart and says, "Oh my god." She is moved to tears.

She grabs her son's hand then grabs Devin's hand. She says, "Now this is the kind of family I want. I'm so lucky to have you two in my life." Afterwards, her phone rings. She says, "Oh man, I have to take this call." When she leaves, the little boy looks at Devin and says, "You fucking muthafucka." Devin almost spits out his drink and says, "Excuse me?" The little boy says, "Congratulations. You made it to the six month mark. But don't get comfortable, you bastard. My dad will be back home soon. I'm gonna tell my mom to dump you so my dad can move in." Devin says, "You're dad is married. He already has a wife." The boy says, "I'm gonna kill that bitch.

And if you don't leave my mom alone, I'm gonna kill you too. I'll watch youtube and learn how to cut the brake line on your car. And if you survive the accident, I'll show up to your hospital room and smother you with a pillow until your legs stop kicking." Devin says, "You're a gotdamn child. You can't do any of those things." He just stares at the boy. The little boy stares back at Devin. After 10 seconds of awkward silence, the mother walks back into the room and says, "So, my two favorite guys, what's for dessert?" At the same time, Devin and the little boy say, "Root beer floats."

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